Commit 71e67274 authored by Milan's avatar Milan

add ice columns

parent 7f88642f
...@@ -536,6 +536,18 @@ columnia.register_column_ia("rusty_block", "columnia:rusty_block", ...@@ -536,6 +536,18 @@ columnia.register_column_ia("rusty_block", "columnia:rusty_block",
default.node_sound_stone_defaults() default.node_sound_stone_defaults()
) )
columnia.register_column_ia("ice", "default:ice",
"Ice Column",
"Ice Column Top",
"Ice Column Bottom",
"Ice Column Crosslink",
"Ice Column Link",
"Ice Column Linkdown",
columnia.register_column_ia("stone", "default:stone", columnia.register_column_ia("stone", "default:stone",
{cracky=3}, {cracky=3},
{"default_stone.png"}, {"default_stone.png"},
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