Commit b408e9cc authored by Tim's avatar Tim Committed by paramat
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Let Travis-CI automatically run luacheck on the game

parent 20fa0373
unused_args = false
allow_defined_top = true
read_globals = {
"minetest", "core",
"vector", "nodeupdate",
"VoxelManip", "VoxelArea",
"PseudoRandom", "ItemStack",
-- Overwrites minetest.handle_node_drops
files["mods/creative/init.lua"].globals = { "minetest" }
-- Don't report on legacy definitions of globals.
files["mods/default/legacy.lua"].global = false
language: generic
- master
sudo: required
- sudo apt-get update
- sudo apt-get install -y luarocks
- sudo luarocks install luacheck
script: luacheck --no-color ./mods
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