1. 18 Jul, 2016 1 commit
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      Move nyancats into a separate mod · 3661cb61
      rubenwardy authored
      Nyancats are independent in the default mod. Nothing else uses them or
      their code. Separating it into a separate mod makes it easier for
      subgames to remove them. It also makes it easier for a mod to depend
      on nyancats, as lots of subgames don't have them.
      Default/mapgen.lua: Register biomes, ores and decorations in
      singlenode mapgen. These were never disabled anyway because
      singlenode was removed from the world creation menu.
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      New gravel texture. · 5569950b
      Auke Kok authored
      Issue #811 - new gravel texture needed.
      This texture was Gambits' PixelBOX gravel light texture. Gambit
      posted that his texture pack is WTFPL:
      - https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4990&start=50#p141196
      I've made significant modifications to this texture:
      - slightly rotated and rolled some sections of pixels
      - minor burn/dodge some pixels to keep high contrast
      - removed lineair repeating effects
      - etc.
      Attribution is added back to Gambit. Thanks.
  12. 15 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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      Aspen trees. · 6267f260
      Auke Kok authored
      Adds a birch-like tree to the default_game. Aspen was chosen on
      purpose instead of birch, as several birch tree mods already exist
      and choosing a different name avoids any conflicts.
      Schematics were made for both normal and sapling version, assuring
      saplings will not be able to grief. The shape of the Aspen is "fanning
      out at the top" and provides an easy tree to walk under, but still a
      somewhat thick cover. The Aspen trunk is 4 to 6 blocks tall, with up
      to three layers of leaves on top, making it slightly taller than an
      Apple tree, but shorter than a Pine tree, which provides a good blend.
      Textures were painted from scratch, except tree_top and _wood
      variants, which are color modified versions of the pine_wood
      variants. Appropriate licenses have been chosen for the new textures.
      The leaf texture is light enough to contrast other trees, but dark
      enough to offset against our light default grass color. The leaves
      are drawn in the typical minetest default fashion with plenty of
      transparancy, but enough definition to suggest that you're seeing
      something that looks like leaves. The placement of leaves in the
      schematic also suggests the top of the tree is sparse and you can
      see the sky through the leaves.
      Sapling texture is both traditional and different, with lush green
      leaves and a well-defined stem, but slightly stick-like and skinny,
      as these plants tend to grow up first, then out.
      Add fallen Aspen logs. We make these logs a minimum of 2 blocks long,
      and up to 3. This allows us to make these logs a place where both
      red and brown mushrooms can be found, to these may be attractive to
      players. However, the spawn rate for these has been reduced a lot
      compared to the other logs, to account for the scarcity of Aspen.
      Add stairs, slabs for these wood types as well.
      Mapgen will place these trees in deciduous forests only, but in
      a way that the biome is a range between entirely Apple trees, and
      mostly entirely Aspen trees, with a bias to Apple trees. To make
      fallen logs somewhat correlated with trees, we modify the planting
      of Apple trees and logs to use perlin noise and not fill ratio,
      otherwise you'd always end up with Apple logs in Aspen tree areas,
      which would be suspicious. There still is a bit of a mix.
  13. 12 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      Add a separate image for a written book. · b57ecb94
      Auke Kok authored
      Since written books are quite different from empty books, the
      visual clue that they are different items is really needed in-game.
      I've added a "clasp" or "belt-with-buckle" like element to the
      png from default_book, keeping them very similar but also
      immediately recgnizably different.
      I added the new texture to blockmen's license list since it's
      obviously derivative of his work.
      The PNG was run through a minimizer/optimizer to save space.
  14. 01 Oct, 2015 1 commit
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      Rename to Minetest Game · 8e51f318
      paramat authored
      Rename in game.conf and documentation
      Update game_api.txt documentation for bucket API and tree functions
      Fix tab, space and comment formatting in game_api.txt
      Rename in mod READMEs
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      Add Meselamps · 820a97e3
      BlockMen authored
      - Mese glows
      - Glass + Mese = Meselamp
      - New mese mineral texture
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