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==> Some updates make changes in the 'config.default.txt',
check for changes when updating!
==> Why is it not working?
-> Delete old 'config.txt'
-> Copy 'config.default.txt' to 'config.txt' and edit it
-> Try again
-> Report bug if it still exists
==> How to ...
-> Enable something: Open 'config.txt' with your editor and modify it
-> See crafts: get an extention for your inventory or browse through the codes
-> Power the tool repair: insert damaged tool in the first box and someminecoins intothe 2nd, then wait.
-> Set up the bank: use [E + right click] to see the reserve of the current bank, then put some MineCoins in there
and if you are using the curreny mod, then also put 1-MineGelt notes inside.
==> Add special access to nodes, how?
-> Exchange shop: open 'shop.lua' and edit the function 'has_exchange_shop_privilege',
return 'true' to grant access to the contents, return 'false' to disallow
-> Warehouse: same like exchange shop, this time 'warehouse.lua' and 'has_locked_chest_privilege'
-> Bank: edit your "config.txt" and say "/giveme bitchange:bank" (without quotes)
-> Access to protected: server or bitchange ("/grant player bitchange")
==> Can I ...
-> Suggest things: Sure, I'm happy about (almost) every suggestion, just I'm pretty new, which
means I can't realize all of them
-> Report a fault: I hope this will not happen too much, post it at the topic in the MT forums
-> Edit the files: Yes sure, the license is 'WTFPL' but I'm always happy about credits
-> Delete this mod: Stupid question
-> Exchange textures: Yes, it's WFTPL!
==> Give me informations about the converting!
1 Gold block -> 2 MineCoin block
2 MineCoin block -> 1 Gold block
1 Coin base -> 1 MineNinth
2 Tin block -> 20 Coin base
2 Zinc block -> 8 Coin base
5 Quartz Crystal -> 1 Coin base
A currency mod for Minetest.
When you use this mod the first time, then get sure to copy the "config.default.txt" to "config.txt".
Read more at the forums topic and 'HELP_ME.txt' for more information.
Forum link:
License: WTFPL (for everything)
This mod adds the currency "MineCoin" to your Minetest world.
To change a setting, edit the file 'bitchange_config.txt' in your world directory.
Copy and paste 'config.default.txt' if the file does not exist yet.
License: WTFPL (for code and textures)
Adds privilege: bitchange
moreores (optional)
technic_worldgen (optional)
quartz (optional)
pipeworks (optional)
money (optional)
money2 (optional)
currency (optional)
Forum link:
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