Commit e0c8e86e authored by Tai Kedzierski's avatar Tai Kedzierski

register tame dragon spawn eggs and hide from creative inventory

parent 232ff69f
......@@ -1172,7 +1172,12 @@ mobs:register_egg("dmobs:dragon", "Wild Fire Dragon", "default_apple.png", 1)
mobs:register_egg("dmobs:dragon2", "Wild Lightning Dragon", "default_mese_crystal.png", 1)
mobs:register_egg("dmobs:dragon3", "Wild Poison Dragon", "dmobs_poison.png", 1)
mobs:register_egg("dmobs:dragon4", "Wild Ice Dragon", "default_ice.png", 1)
mobs:register_egg("dmobs:dragon_red", "Tame Fire Dragon", "dmobs_egg.png", 1)
mobs:register_egg("dmobs:dragon_red", "Tame Fire Dragon", "default_apple.png", 1,true)
mobs:register_egg("dmobs:dragon_black", "Tame Lightning Dragon", "default_mese_crystal.png", 1,true)
mobs:register_egg("dmobs:dragon_green", "Tame Poison Dragon", "dmobs_poison.png", 1,true)
mobs:register_egg("dmobs:dragon_blue", "Tame Ice Dragon", "default_ice.png", 1,true)
--other dragons
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