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meet: add matrix groupchat

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......@@ -29,12 +29,14 @@
<hr />
<h2><%= t('') %></h2>
<h4><%= t('') %></h4>
<div class="well well-sm" style="max-width:500px;">
<div class="well well-sm" style="max-width:600px;">
<p style="font-weight:700;font-size:140%;display:inline;color:#6594cf;">
<a class="blinky-link" href="//">Telegram</a>
<img src="//">
<a class="blinky-link" data-target="#xmpp" data-toggle="modal">XMPP</a>
<img src="//">
<a class="blinky-link" href="//">Matrix</a>
<img src="//">
<a class="blinky-link" data-target="#irc" data-toggle="modal">IRC</a>
<img src="//">
<a class="blinky-link" data-target="#mtchat" data-toggle="modal">Minetest</a>
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