Commit 074029a5 authored by Gael-de-Sailly's avatar Gael-de-Sailly

Cleaned code

It was useless to run vm:calc_lighting() : it's not supported by this type of voxelmanip, and included in vm:update_map()
parent 12a471f7
......@@ -13,9 +13,7 @@ minetest.register_chatcommand("mapfix", {
local maxp = vector.round(vector.add(pos, size + 0.5))
-- use the voxelmanip to fix problems
local vm = minetest.get_voxel_manip()
vm:read_from_map(minp, maxp)
local vm = minetest.get_voxel_manip(minp, maxp)
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