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    Fire: Rewrite fire sound code · fed2151d
    paramat authored
    Previous code:
    Used looped sounds without attaching them to objects or playing direct
    to players.
    The looped sounds are not 'stopped' when players leave the area.
    These may be causing the bug where sounds are heard at extreme
    Entering a world with already present flames results in silent flames.
    Sounds are often played at a large number of points in a 6 node lattice.
    A large fire is reported to cause a high load, disabling the sound code
    is reported to help this.
    New code:
    Optional flame sound to not interfere with ambience mods.
    Permanent flame now has sound.
    For multiple flames, sound is positioned at the centre of all flames, and
    has volume determined by flame number.
    The original freesound 'large fire' recording was used to create 3 sounds
    that play at random for a non-repetitive effect. At low volume it is
    suitable for small fires.
    Original sound files and sound function (as an empty function) kept
    temporarily to reduce disruption.
    Reduce gain of flame extinguish sound.