Commit 781ac19d authored by Milan's avatar Milan
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add illuna_costumes:guardian_angel to picklight (should be refactored asap)

parent a96c7029
...@@ -223,6 +223,22 @@ local function wields_torch(player) ...@@ -223,6 +223,22 @@ local function wields_torch(player)
if not player then if not player then
return false return false
end end
-- FIXME: this does not belong here! We need to either fork torches or override in an Illuna mod!
-- auouymous' take on adding other items to this.
if minetest.get_modpath("3d_armor") ~= nil then
local inv = minetest.get_inventory({type="detached", name=player:get_player_name().."_armor"})
if inv then
for i = 1, inv:get_size("armor") do
local stack = inv:get_stack("armor", i)
if stack then
local stack_name = stack:get_name()
if stack_name == "illuna_costumes:guardian_angel" then
return true
local item = player:get_wielded_item() local item = player:get_wielded_item()
if not item then if not item then
return false return false
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