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Give Bootswatch some overdue credit.

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......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@ $ git clone kasperisager/vanilla-bootstrap bootstrap
## Included themes
Vanilla Bootstrap comes bundled with all the amazing [Bootswatch]( themes by [Thomas Park](
<img title="Default" src="design/screenshot_default.png" width="32%"> <img title="Bootstrap" src="design/screenshot_bootstrap.png" width="32%"> <img title="Cerulean" src="design/screenshot_cerulean.png" width="32%">
<img title="Cosmo" src="design/screenshot_cosmo.png" width="32%"> <img title="Cyborg" src="design/screenshot_cyborg.png" width="32%"> <img title="Darkly" src="design/screenshot_darkly.png" width="32%">
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