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A proof of concept [explorable]( that syncs audio with text and graphic demonstrations
[Demo page](
## Goals
* The web is a hypermedia; it is supposed to provide users the freedom to choose how to consume content.
* Why are we locking content to just an audio format or video or text? Everyone has their own preferences; some like to watch demonstrations, some prefer to choose their own reading pace, and some want to listen while they're driving.
* I hope this demo provides a fraction of an insight of this goal that I am trying to get to.
* The web is ready-to-use and edit.
* The HTML files here are ready to open up in your browser and tinker away with. There's no JS build tool that is gonna get in your way from doing that.
* I also worked on each component of the main article (the animated logo and flag) on their own html page.
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