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### Hey there!
<img class="preview avatar center" src=/img/avatar.jpg>
#### I am Milan,
while exploring new ways to express myself, i decided to get into blogging a while ago.
I originally startet at Steemit but became frustrated because i cannot really sort my posts and have no clue about their repurtation as there is no viewcounter,
so i decided to host my own blog again, using Hugo (the used theme is built from scretch).
Before that i was only actively microblogging over there [on Mastodon](
I hope being able to make this a habit and get better over time.
<br>Right now i am living on my parent's (organic) chickenfarm, in my spare time i...
* usually maintain my servers,
* work on websites like this one,
* do moderation work,
* shoot and edit photographs,
* go running,
* pretend i know Lua (do modding for [my Minetestservers](,
* discover new issues with my Smartphone or PC
* watch YouTube videos
#### I will be Milan,
as of right now i plan to make video and audio creation a habit too.
At least the video part is a big goal of mine, yes, this means i want to YouTube around in the future.
I linked my english channel above but my most recent video was on my german channel,
however it is yet very challenging for me to decide which language i want to use and it's actually holding me back.
title: "Workaround for broken Network Connection after Suspend to RAM"
date: 2018-04-03T11:27:00+00:00
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type: article
featured_image: "/img/posts/03418/screenshot.jpg"
- Linux
<img src=/img/posts/03418/screenshot.jpg>
<p>Something weird is up with <code>NetworkManager</code> these days, for a longer time now (several weeks) is was unable to suspend my computer as it wouldn't recognize the network cable anymore (as NetworkManager states).<br />
The reason seems to be that it is stuck in &quot;moderated mode&quot; and i didn't find any help for this issue.</p>
<p>However i remembered the good old times where i overread that i must activate the NetworkManager in ArchLinux so i always just used the <code><a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="c9ada1aab9aaad89">[email&#160;protected]</a></code> service.<br />
So today i tried to switch and yay, no module/kernel/whatever issue, it really seems to be the fault of the NetworkManager (or related) package - it works wonderful!</p>
<p><em>Disclaimer: i don't cover Wireless or VPN connection here for now</em></p>
<h3>So this is how to replace them:</h3>
<li>Open the terminal emulator of your choice, get yourself root access using <code>su</code> and type the root password or just use <code>sudo</code>.</li>
<li>Find your network interfaces name (for wired connection):
<pre><code>% ip link
1: lo: &lt;LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP&gt; mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000
link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00
2: enp10s0: &lt;BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP&gt; mtu 1500 qdisc fq_codel state UP mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000
link/ether 10:c3:7b:xx:xx:xx brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
<p>In my case enp10s0</p></li></ul>
<li>Disable and stop <code>NetworkManager</code>
<pre><code>% systemctl disable NetworkManager
% systemctl stop NetworkManager
<li>Enable and start dhcpcd
<pre><code>% systemctl enable dhcpcd@enp10s0</a>
% systemctl start dhcpcd@enp10s0</a>
<h3>That's about it.</h3>
<hr />
<p>Maybe also interesting for you - as reference...<br />
<a target="_blank" href="/exit?">dhcpcd in ArchLinux Wiki</a>
title: "HowTo make Bijiben's Nextcloud Sync more reliable and enjoyable"
date: 2018-03-11T14:56:00+00:00
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type: article
featured_image: "/img/posts/11318/header.jpg"
- Linux
<p><img src="/img/posts/11318/header.jpg" /></p>
<p>When you use Bijiben with Nextcloud, you may noticed that your local notes are lost as soon as your device is offline, i for myself had to learn that Bijiben gets randomly confused, clears or/and duplicates notes, it's a mess.</p>
<p>So today i decided to do a little workaround to make Bijiben (local) filebased but still synced with Nextcloud - even tho, this requires a restart of Bijiben on the other device you sync with in order to display your changes / new notes, but i think the benefits weight more here - i think Bijiben's design is a real benefit when creating notes/writing scripts so i didn't yet give it up and try to do workarounds like this one.</p>
<h2>Steps in terminal:</h2>
<li><p>close Bijiben on each device</p></li>
<li><p>create directory in Nextcloud<br />
<code>mkdir ~/Nextcloud/Documents/bijiben</code></p></li>
<li><p>backup your local notes, if there are any in the local folder<br />
<code>cp ~/.local/share/bijiben/* ~/Nextcloud/Documents/bijiben/</code></p></li>
<li><p>replace your old local folder of Bijiben with the synced storage<br />
<code>rm -r ~/.local/share/bijiben; ln -s ~/Nextcloud/Documents/bijiben ~/.local/share/</code></p></li>
<li><p>open Bijiben and configure it to use the local folder<br />
<img src="/img/posts/11318/screenshot.jpg" /></p></li>
<li><p>repeat on synced device</p></li>
<p>Enjoy a better Bijiben experience! \o/</p>
title: "I've seen a balloon!"
date: 2018-04-12T12:00:00+00:00
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type: article
featured_image: "/img/posts/12418/header.jpg"
- Running
<p><img src="/img/posts/12418/header.jpg" alt="54863bdbbcf2e259.jpg" /><br />
<em>This guy in the ballon actually dared to tell me not to do breaks but i had to do photo's, haha!)</em></p>
<p>The run was two days ago, i always forgot to post it here or / and was too busy.<br />
This one was about finding back to speed again and ... yea it so far worked,<br />
Had to stop three times to prevent sidestitch to manifest (the other ones you see in the graphs below are only for photos).</p>
<p>Well this time was not only special because i broke a few personal records, i also have met two nice runnin ladies for the very first time.<br />
Since i started in late summer last year, i only have met like two guys, that's all and this time two girls on one run! :3<br />
<img src="/img/posts/12418/achievements.png" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-12 10-39-52.png" /></p>
<img src="/img/posts/12418/stats.jpg" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-12 10-30-10.jpg" /></p>
title: "I ran through a magical world"
date: 2018-04-14T00:30:00+00:00
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type: article
featured_image: "/img/posts/14418/header.jpg"
- Running
<p>Okey, so let's do this.. my plan for today was to run at least 20 kilometers but for time reason this wasn't possible, however, i changed my route so i could run as close as possible to this goal and would have many options to increase or decrease this route...also i wanted to see something unusual again.</p>
<p>At least this last point succeded, i never experienced such a beauty as today, i am serious, it was incredible.<br />
Starting with gorgeous evening sun, shining through old trees in a valley of grassland, continuing with periods of rain showers, giving everything an even more, golden vibe and .... an incredible rainbow...a rainbow starting like three meters on my right, and expanding into a double one later.</p>
<p>So on my left side i had extreme, unusual bright, golden sunlight from the down going sun and a deep orange sky and on my right i had two rainbows ... and this perfect matching rain, soaked by the already mentioned sunglight.</p>
<p>I was smiling and deeply enjoying .. just wow.<br />
As my smartphone isn't waterproven and doesn't come with the best camera anyway...well here is one attempt, edited to reflect the scene where the rain wasn't there for a moment (or less enough so i could use my body as protection):</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/14418/header.jpg" alt="e9c1ac3514bb8578.jpg" /></p>
<p>Do you see this different glowing shape on the right?<br />
This is the price if would have to pay.<br />
I was already like &quot;this is so perfect but everything comes at a price but it would be worth it&quot; .. it was like a part of me would already know what's going to happen.</p>
<p>...that's right. Thunderstorm.<br />
At the horizon i noticed more and more flashes...and sometimes thunder.<br />
Oh snap, and now? I had many crests left, with nothing than a very few fruit trees as &quot;protection&quot;, beside that i was running with an active smartphone and my gps watch, increasing the theoretical chance of danger by a good number from what i learned.</p>
<p>Okey, but it was still far away so i didn't change my route (which was was about having the chance to, i was close to the federal highway, turning right would mean i could be back home in about three kilometers - but i didn't, because i was stubborn, still flashed by this amazing beauty everywhere and i didn't yet know in which direction this thunderstorm would be going in the first place (not really windy and i didn't want to stop).<br />
So i kept going until the next village, close to it i was realizing that the thunderstorm was coming in my direction, actually the first (inactive) cells where already about to hover above my head!</p>
<p>I passed the village, and have seen not only simple flashes but quite stunning bolts (i actually don't know which translation to use here but you get the point).<br />
So i stopped and finally analyzed my situation a bit more:</p>
<li>quite next to me, more and more active thunderstorm</li>
<li>upcoming: final crest of about two kilometers, following by the final but quite naked trail to my home village</li>
<li>potential active thunderstorm distance: about 7 kilometers</li>
<p><img src="/img/posts/14418/magentasky.jpg" alt="feb39f578a8cad8e.jpg" /></p>
<p>*poff* ... heavy lightning on the right (not visible on the photo)</p>
<p>I choosed to check out safe places and think a moment there - i got into an old barn, loaded with trash, roof incomplete.</p>
<li>potential active thunderstorm distance: about 3 kilometers</li>
<p>Not good...i realized, if there was thunderstorm protection, it was now stolen anyway so i run a bit back into the village - another, active barn with loading roof from the farmers...i didn't really have seen protection, go on, ah, the active farm ... hmm but there are people... let's look a bit around real quick... <em>&quot;Hello? Do you search something?&quot;</em> ... huh, someone did watch me obviously, i ran to him and explained him my unlucky situation.</p>
<p>To my very surprise he offered me to quickly drive me home, so i ran through my options, parents being not at home anyways, and i didn't know how large the thunderstorm cell was in the first i agreed.</p>
<p>It was a very odd situation for me...or still is hard for me to understand how to feel about such an offer...i feel guilty because i agreed to kinda waste his time, even tho it was like 4km distance to drive and a very very friendly and interesting talk with this guy, besides, he was one of the people i use to hate, because we're doing organic eggs and he is one of the guys using poison and literally destroying the nature around - but damn he was so incredible kind, and offered me options for our farm to enhance and shared experience ... and simple drived me home and so on... this situation completly confuses me and i am still trying to process it.</p>
<p>I think i just should be thankful and ... accept what happened but an other part of me wants to feel bad about it for some weird reason. I kinda actually feel helpless and confused. Still.</p>
<p>However here are some graphs, finally.</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/14418/statsoverview.png" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-14 00-24-48.png" /><br />
<img src="/img/posts/14418/stats.png" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-14 00-27-09.png" /></p>
title: "I got my Half-Marathon Badge!"
date: 2018-04-15T23:49:00+00:00
draft: true
type: article
featured_image: "/img/posts/15418/header.jpg"
- Running
<p><img src="/img/posts/15418/header.jpg" alt="IMG_20180415_192443_01.jpg" /></p>
<p>Hmm it came true, i broke my distance record (i guess 19.1k) and increased my previous long route by almost 3k (i had to run quite a bit over my goal back then to get the 19k full) mmh lots of more hills but also much new stuff to see, yay, i love exploring!</p>
<p><img src="tba" alt="TBA" /></p>
<p>One of the interesting things i have seen was those light fog in the evening, hovering above a rape field:</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/15418/fog.jpg" alt="IMG_20180415_184947.jpg" /></p>
<p>And i found out about a nice and quite long trail, leading to the road back home at about 11k:<br />
<img src="/img/posts/15418/trail.jpg" alt="IMG_20180415_193334.jpg" /></p>
<p>Overall i am very satisfied now, i definitly need a hydration pack for more of those longer runs, it became a bit ... meh ... at ~14k as i became dehydrated a bit ... <em>but</em> it was way easier to get back home than on my last 19k i mentioned above, this is amazing! \o/</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/15418/stats.jpg" alt="a.JPG" /><br />
<p>On my first interruption, i slowed down because i met two cute dogs, it turned out i ran though a private property while it is marked as street:<br />
<img src="/img/posts/15418/satellite.jpg" alt="pr.JPG" /></p>
<p>...and looks like one except this <strong>one</strong> gate (older image):<br />
<img src="tba" alt="TBA" /></p>
<p>Everything else was just for photo's. :3</p>
<hr />
<p>Okey, that's it for today, i hope you are fine with the photo's, almost all of them turned out horrible, i gave my best to rescue them!</p>
title: "24k Bakery Run"
date: 2018-05-18T14:54:00+00:00
draft: true
type: article
featured_image: "/img/posts/18518/header.jpg"
- Running
<p><img src="/img/posts/18518/header.jpg" alt="IMG_20180427_072437-01_02.jpg" /></p>
<p>I recently performed an 24k bakery-run because i thought it would be fun to do a morning run for buns.<br />
<img src="/img/posts/18518/clouds.jpg" alt="IMG_20180501_070159_01.jpg" /></p>
<p>And yes, it was fun! When i was close to the town, i realized i was doing this on a holiday, so i was forced to run deep down the valley, to the center of the town.</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/18518/oldbuilding.jpg" alt="IMG_20180501_074700.jpg" /></p>
<p>As a consequence, the max. 19k route expanded a bit, i actually extended it a bit later too to see more beautiful forests and villages. 😍</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/18518/foreststreet.jpg" alt="IMG_20180501_083703.jpg" /></p>
<p>This was not only my longest run yet, it was also a personal record in terms of evaluation gain - 253m (due to strava, only 224 due to garmin).</p>
<p>My regular runs after that had a massive performance boost. 👊<br />
Also this one was already surprising to me, i had to run uphill way more than usual but i made it home without much struggle, near the end i was actually able to boost my pace a bit.</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/18518/mapstats.jpg" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-05-18 14-50-38.jpg" /></p>
title: "This is how i quit smoking"
date: 2018-01-19T22:04:00+00:00
draft: true
type: article
featured_image: "/img/posts/19118/tabakdose.jpg"
- Health
This is a story about how and why i became a smoker. It also documents how i found my way out of it. I hope it inspires some of you who are trying to get rid of this unhealthy hobby. As this is my first "real" blogpost, i would be very happy about some honest feedback. :)
### Why did i even begin with this
Somewhen, in the early summer of 2009, when i was 15 years old,
i became curious about smoking — people mentioned how bad it was but they also mentioned it very often in general—his maybe was one reason — another possible reason was how social the smoker “community” appeared to be and i was just a lonely, unwelcome schoolboy who tried to be a part of...someone…somehow.
Okey, so i went to my temporally friends (most time they prefered teasing me) and asked them what the best way was to start with in case i wanna try it.
### My preferences of smoking
So far so good, i got useful informations and bought my first menthol cigarettes. To my own and my "friends" surprise i so far consumed almost the whole package this day — it flashed me, it was fun and new.
From this day on, i kinda was a smoker, and not a small one — later i switched to better tasting cigarillo’s, later to regular cigarettes with unparfumed tobacco, a bit later again, i began making the cigarettes myself with stuffing.
Somewhen in mid/late 2010, i discovered wrapping— and i was quite skilled after some time. Also it was very nice in price-performance and general quality.
*My production self-made cigarette setup. (CC-BY-SA).*
### Smoking helped my self-confidence
Well, i surely didn’t continued with smoking just because it was new and flashy, no, the reason was more that it slowly began recovering/unvailing my self-confidence. It was like an anchor and medicine — i was able to start conversations with people i was always afraid of before — smoking became my most powerful and maybe very first anchor ever and it was kinda the best and also the worst thing i ever started to do. Okey to be honest, i also was addicted to it and used it as timefiller too and this not always conscious.
While i actually got rid of it which i am quite proud of, i don’t really regret it because without it, i maybe, just maybe would still be very weak and would still have fear of many people and situations. Sure, there are other anchor’s you can get but this was mine (if you are searching for an anchor, please search a different one for you). I surely wasn't really aware of this anchor thing at this time but i noticed that i made it more easy for me to get in touch with people.
I simply felt safer.
### First attempt to replace smoking
I guess it was 2012 when i read about vaping (you know, electric cigarettes).
Unfortunally, my first try was a “Kiwi” with finish liquid’s with various nicotine and PG/VG/H2O measures, sold by not-vaping tobacco traders who didn't know anything about the product they we're selling. I didn't know enough about it either. Sadly.
*My first e-cigarette. (CC-BY-SA)*
Well… it was fun but there was not much steam produced this thingie and i also got headache (possibly by too much PG in the liquids) and a ponderous lung from it. Smoking after vaping didn’t felt nice, yes, but vaping itself wasn’t that nice either. I didn’t even mention the poor battery life and the expensive tiny liquid bottles, even.
So i some day just stopped this and went back to smoking.
### First attempt to seriously quit smoking
Okey, we landed in the year 2015 — i slowly realized how smoking stole my body’s energy…again, i had this feeling often but mainly ignored it because i felt not ready to stop, i didn't want to lose this association and wasn't even able to imagine what i could do with the free'd up time.
But this time, i began thinking about actually getting rid of it and as you maybe already assume, i never really made it. I forced myself to do it some day and had success about barely two months. Well, this was a bad idea because i forced it which means that something in me actually didn’t want to quit. And human brains tend to wanting stuff back that was "stolen".
I heavily enjoyed those months because i got more and more energy back. It was like a wonder. I felt so powerful and sometimes i just stopped breathing, just for fun because i suddenly got so much air in my lungs that i wasn't used to ... well ... use.
But some time later i was invited to a party. I was pulled out of my personal comfort zone and needed an anchor to stay stable. Surprise, the first thing i did after a twenty kilometer bicyle ride to the town was buying tobacco, extra-fine papes and extra-slim filters to be covered for the night. And i smoked like the whole night. The next morning, the pouch was almost empty. After a week of not smoking after this event, i failed to keep it up and got me some new tobacco.
### Second attempt to quit smoking
Okey, so i was a smoker again — how sad.
Well this stayed few months until i decided again to make a cut.
This was somewhen in the spring 2016 and i made it more than five freakin' months this time. It was different, it felt right and i had the luck to not being invited to anything (and if, i had a reason to dismiss), except one time where i was by a friend for one weekend. I got myself some tobacco as an anchor because many more people were there. Luckily, i stopped smoking completly after this weekend again.
On a trip to a town at the other side of germany. Again, the reason was that i needed an anchor. After i was back home, i stopped smoking again completly without any feel of the need for getting new tobacco. This trip was about nine hours and i emptied one tobacco pouch at it.
The trigger to really start smoking again was a mix out of two things:
We had an inspector here as a guest (we do organic chickens).
He smoked all day and i started to have the wish to do some relax-break’s with cigarettes also some weeks before (If you are reading this as a smoker, you probably know what i mean). So this was such a day with this feeling and as a plus, we had this guest there. I jumped on my bycicle to get some tobacco — on the half way (around seven kilometers), my hose broke and this ride turned into a longer hike back home.
About a week later, i somehow made it to buy myself new tobacco — i guess from Ebay.
So, another fail this time — in the mid fall of 2016.
### Second attempt to replace smoking
About/Almost two month’s after this fail, i felt bad about it again.
It made me wasting money and my body was losing more and more energy. I got reminded about vaping again and started to do some more serious research about it.
I also asked many people in the internet as i learned to use social media over the time and i wasn’t quite this lonely guy anymore — well, at least in some way as i was still living in a small village in the nowhere but i had internet and so on... .
At some point, i ordered me a new e-cigarette, liquid base and flavour bottles.
This was pretty much around late december 2016.
*My first real e-cigarette (CC-BY-SA)*
This time, it was somewhat a game-changer. Yes, really, it brought me so much fun and since day one, i didn’t miss “real” smoking a second. Awesome. This was my new full-replacement for smoking. I now became a vaper and never thought back. My body found back to it’s energy and health quite quickly, just like on previous attempt’s to quit smoking — i felt so good again, except of some micro-cold’s when i vaped too much ... lol.
Mixing the liquid’s by myself was quite okey — it was not too expensive, it tasted well and it was simple.
Sometimes it was a bit disturbing when the battery went empty but i figured out when i have to charge quickly and got a feel for this. Sadly, about six weeks later, it began to taste bad. I cleaned it as good as possible and it was okey for about two more days.
After that it began to taste bad once again and produced way less steam.
I opened it again and had a closer look. I realized that something was like burned in it, since it smelled like burned wood, so i assumed it was a splinter from shashlik stick i used as a helptool for cleaning previously and i was confused where the heck it could be. It turned out that this wasn’t the case, the cotton was burned.
I searched the web for informations to this and even consulted forums without TLS encryption. I figured out that i somehow missed on my research that the cotton always burns in around five weeks so i had two options:
Like most of the vapers, i could buy whole new “atomizers”. This means the whole thing in the middle with the metal, rubber, plastic and the piece cotton which...seemed to be made out of wood regarding the smell.
I could find a self-wrap-atomizer and learn the whole thing
Okey, option one was not an option due to the environment footprint. It is so horrible, vaping is also advertised as being healthy for the nature and now this kind of like monthly trash? Shame on you manufracturers and vaping community.
I disassembled my atomizer and had to learn that it indeed wasn’t built for that — i mean i was able to take apart but it would be almost impossible to reassemble it later again.
*The disassembled atomizer with the burned cotton. (CC-BY)*
This was a bad day and my mood wasn’t better.
I had no tobacco left and my old Kiwi from above was still unable to satisfy me, even with my new liquids.
My next mission was figuring out what self-wrap atomizer i should buy and for some reason, i hadn’t had nice search results…actually what i found was expensive and somehow didn’t describe itself to be made for self-wrap. It was confusing because i previously read about it this way. Also it was really too expensive and i wouldn’t be able to buy it and yea, the price was way more than for a set of new one-way-atomizers (shame on you again) or tobacco.
Well, both was not an option for me…the e-cigarette made me not wanting to taste “real smoke” ever again (really, like never before) and new regular atomizers were not an option because the environment footprint.
### Quitting smoking
What now happened was actually interesting, i was angry about people in a german vaping forum who made fun on me because i didn’t agree with buying one-way atomizers and didn’t know about this cotton wear — also they prefered to use shortcuts for many technical terms i often didn’t understand. And i sure was angry and stressed due the missing nicotine as well. Actually my anger was more powerful than my frustration and (virtual) addiction in this case so i smashed my e-cigarette in a drawer and continued my everyday life.
Less than one week later, i realized that there were none, just, really, no situations i wanted my nicotine or vaping for habit. My brain somehow forgot about how nice it was and the only thought i still had in mind was how i got little cold’s when i vaped too much (surely from winter time+steam). Also any addiction and association to smoking (as smoking) was missing:
Since the healing effect i had when i started vaping was already mainly done so far, and the steam is way less offensive than the cigarette smoke, there was only one difference:
The tiny ups due the nicotine were missing — but since i didn’t use much nicotine in my liquid’s anyway, i haven't had to miss big “high’s”. In fact, i didn’t even miss them, the effect was like drinking a beer or so, i somehow lost the addiction and many associations due the vaping —like sitting somewhere for doing the holy ritual, you know... .
It became more like a “nice to have” thing instead and i just continued my life.
About two weeks later, i completly forgot about smoking and vaping.
I had some reasons to travel in towns again, i met friends in other villages, i talked with smokers while they were actually smoking in front of me and until today, i never ever felt the need or “would like to” for smoking or vaping. I don’t have to fight against it, i use zero energy to keep it up, it’s just away.
There is surprisingly no anchor of this kind i need anymore, i got stabilized.
After all this time —well to be honest also around the time many smokers do begin again after trying, it is like i never smoked in my whole life.
### Comparing this quit with previous attempts
The last times i sometimes had the wish to smoke in stress situations, at least, to relax. To use nicotine as a tool and i had this wish very often because there are many of those situations each week here.
This stressy situations are still present, the wish actually is not.
In the meantime i did the following to kinda stabilize my mind:
I became more active in social media, like doing microblogging at Mastodon, posting photographic experiments at Instagram, also i was finally be able to get a better camera and started sharing goodies to 500px after i figured that i feel not at home at Flickr.
Mastodon really kinda helped me, i never expressed myself anywhere like this.
I was even able to stand a shitstorm against me and my server after a little disagreement.
I was meeting my best friend multible times. Often many other people were around, it is always nice and actually each time in the past, i had about two day’s to habituate and was so unsteady and stressed — i each time smoked a bunch to stabilize (like the mentioned weekend obove). This times, i didn’t think about smoking or vaping a second, even while many smokers are present. Totally new. Totally amazing.
Also to note, even when i was writing all this, i didn’t feel any need for nicotine for any second. Nothing has changed. This is a very impressing feeling. I am free. My mind is so much more stable. I feel finally cured.
In the meantime, about a half year ago, i began working on a new, very powerful kind of ... well ... i guess we can call it anchor 'cause it also helps to stabilize myself more in terms of brain and body in the first place. I put myself regulary out of my comfort zones for running. And i get better and better each time. When i feel unhappy/unsatisfied and what ever reasons a smoker has, i know that i have to run - and i freakin' will run. Actually to be honest, my recent runs prevented those situations entirely. Running may be the most awesome thing i ever started. I am very sure that this should have been what took place when i started smoking. Actually it feels like an even stronger addiction than smoking.
If you are mindly unstable and searching for an anchor to cure, get a girlfriend or start with thing you can do is both - running will possible help with the girlfriend part. ;)
title: "Bye Sun Run"
date: 2018-04-19T00:30:00+00:00
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- Running
<img src="/img/posts/19418/header.jpg" alt="IMG_20180419_194728.jpg" /></p>
<p>Ah, i couldn't hold myself back, damn addiction, tomorrow i would have had way more time...potentially, but hey, i got it to finish my 14k route and it was actually not that bad!</p>
<p>In fact i felt and feel quite powerful and relaxed on this run, i think this is because the latest 21k one ... and a package of spinach i made me today. xD</p>
<p>The whole run i was able to see the nice looking moon already and just came back at time where the night was breaking in finally (i don't like running at night even tho it can be very beautiful).<br />
<img src="/img/posts/19418/moon.jpg" alt="IMG_20180419_201538.jpg" /></p>
<p>I also enjoyed the smell of a bunch of blossoms!! (some blossom photo's will follow soon btw)</p>
<h4>So let's show see some stats:</h4>
<p><img src="/img/posts/19418/statssummary.png" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-19 22-57-21.png" /><br />
<p><img src="/img/posts/19418/stats.png" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-19 22-57-21.png" />
...i was actually falling into a &quot;light&quot; and &quot;bouncy&quot;-like trot, i guess that's a good thing, also i am still feeling very nice, this run was much joy.</p>
title: "Getting into Barefootrunning"
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- Running
<img src="/img/posts/20118/header.jpg" />
<h3>Time to do this transition</h3>
<p>So a little while ago i got my first barefoot shoes - <em>Vibram V-Trail</em> - and it's finally time to do the transition into barefoot running with them. My final trigger to get started was that i got the wrong pair of running shoes after i decided to get new ones since my <em>Nike Revolution 3</em> are actually destroying my toes. The new ones were those <em>Under Armor Charged Bandite 3</em> (i think it's 3) - my problem was actually that - while the right one sits quite okey, a bit rough but okey, the left one was actually hurting my bit toe while testing it - it was just too tight.<br />
So i did it similar as <a target="_blank" href="/exit?">when i quit vaping</a> and - for now - decided to screw all that and simply run barefoot now which was my goal anyway. Luckily those fivefinger socks are helping on these cold days.</p>
<h3>My first barefoot run</h3>
<p>I figured that about one mile is a recommended start range and tried to select a rout which matches that.<br />
Well, it turned out to be a 3.7km run which is a bit more than two miles.<br />
<img src="/img/posts/20118/pace.jpg" /><br />
There are two reasons why i couldn't keep up with my pace:</p>
<li>My calves hardened with every step i did - my muscles are (still) not really ready and need time to be able to do it.</li>
<li>I tried to do as much trail as possible but there is only about one kilometer of trail so i tried to run beside the street - where i got seriously slower was a muddy field, not too simple to run on.</li>
<p>Also i noticed how ... odd running felt, the right foot was definitly stronger than the left so i was in permanent unbalance.<br />
My theory is that this is caused by my daily work at my parents farm where i have at least 14x14,5kg of chickenfeed to carry a day which i am doing with my right hand.<br />
<img src="/img/posts/20118/bucket.jpg" /><br />
I was happy to arrive at my goal point, actually, my legs were very exhausted. As you see on the graph, i wasn't really able to speed up again. The next two days were a pain because, at least when i had to stand up, my calves hurt af. It took around four days until i was able to walk normal again.</p>
<h3>My second barefoot run</h3>
<p>Okey, six days after this totally new experience, i went for a new attempt in running barefoot. Actually this was already way different in my opinion: i was way less, if even, unbalanced, my steps were more secure, quicker and shorter. After a little while i had a quick look at my watch and noticed a 4:45 pace for my own surprise as i didn't really care about my pace - it had priority for me to let the body do its job properbly.<br />
At the same time i noticed that my calved were actually not that much hardening this time, wow!<br />
So i let it happen and continued running how it felt right - without disturbing thinking about what i am doing:<br />
<img src="/img/posts/20118/pace2.jpg" /><br />
This time i seriously had fun - exploring and running...this time i didn't try to avoid streets, it was fine to run on them - maybe not the most confortable but definitly no problem.<br />
After i was done with the longer way up you can see in the graph i actually noticed that my legs were getting weaker and my calves harder but i still felt like running and was very motivated so i expanded a little more once again, found back to energy after a few meters and ended my run with a kinda sprint - dude it was so much fun to run this fast barefoot! :D</p>
<p>Incredibly i got personal records too!<br />
<img src="/img/posts/20118/achievements.jpg" /></p>
<p>So yea i ended up having hard and hurting calves once again but i think it's fine because the body now knows that it has to work on them now, haha. It was a pain hiking to our sheeps after that and an even bigger pain to walk downstairs.</p>
<p>I am writing this one day after my second run - unlike previous run, where the pain increased the next day, i feel great. Don't get me wrong, my calves still hurt a bit but they aren't as hard and not as much hurting as after my previous run. I am actually able to walk as normal and i don't feel disabled like i felt before.<br />
don't think i will run tomorrow but i also think it wont take six days again.</p>
<h4>Will keep you updated in upcoming blogposts. :)</h4>
title: "3 Minutes too late for my ice cream - Running 27k on time"
date: 2018-05-20T15:06:00+00:00
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- Running
<p>After my recent bakery run, i looked for a new fun challenge, this one is about getting some icecream in a nearby town.</p>
<p>When i finally found the time to get started and ran for like ten minutes already, i realized that i had less than one hour left - i never ran this route before and was barely able to calculate how much time i'd need and actually thought i may need upto ten minutes longer that deadline since the store would close at 8pm.</p>
<p>So i actually hurried so much that i needed a couple of mini-breaks to avoid the sidestitch from becoming too dominating, and this on a headache day. xD<br />
I actually almost made it, only three minutes too late to my own surprise.</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/20518/netto.jpg" alt="IMG_20180518_200630-01.jpeg" /></p>
<p>So this was at around 12.5k already, when i started, i was expecting to get at least some little bottle of water or something there but actually even the gas station and a different grocery store was closed, so i &quot;wasted&quot; around 2-three kilometers in town in order to get on my way back.</p>
<p>My way back quickly became a pain, i wasted too much energy for getting to the store by time and i realized that i should have tried the Doner in the town to get back to some energy, my pace was falling and falling, however i had to make it home before it was totally dark, because my fear of warthogs and my responsibility for our chickenfarm, i couldn't risk damage by some fox and such.</p>
<p>At 20k there was a little festival or something, in order to get in they would have me charge 7€ which i wouldn't accept just to get to some festival store for some energy but luckily a friendly girl at the inlet offered me some of her water...-ish stuff she had in a pocket in her car.<br />
So a half liter later i felt better and continued my way home again.<br />
Now it was getting darker and darker and even in villages it was like all the people where gone, spooky but nice, there was no wind too, it was only me making noises, stunning.</p>
<p>*Wush* a deer crossing the street in front of me... some time later an even louder noise, warthog?! No, just a badger... some time later another deer, no meeting with warthogs at all, *pew*.<br />
My pace however, still on a free fall, hurting feets but almost home, i made it. :)</p>
<p>I think i will start a second attempt as soon as i can walk normally again. xD<br />
Fun fact, looks like this is not only a personal distance but also evaluation record again.<br />
And fastest half-marathon too.</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/20518/stats.png" alt="lmt.PNG" /></p>
title: "I've finally been there!"
date: 2018-04-22T00:30:00+00:00
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- Running
<p><img src="/img/posts/22418/header.jpg" alt="IMG_20180421_192659.jpg" /></p>
<p>Followers of mine maybe know my cover photo, it shows a street like eight kilometers away (not sure about this value but it should be something around that). Last time i've been there was like fifteen years ago, or even longer and since i started with my first runs i always had in mind that i wanted to run to this place one day but somehow never actually did that (okey the recent increase of my ability to run longer distances happened a shorter while ago).<br />
But yesterday i finally made it to this place, yay!</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/22418/steemitheader.jpg" alt="U5drnyn2CQNv2EmaCmt2wT9uebbQTkx_2048x512.jpeg" /></p>
<p>And oh boy, what an amazing view it was, i tried this panorama thing but it actually broke my smartphones camera app for the rest of the run - will do this later!</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/22418/horizon1.jpg" alt="IMG_20180421_202510.jpg" /></p>
<p>As i almost always run in the late evening, i am hoping the best as i recently ordered a software-broken (i hope it's only the software) Oneplus Two which will be a little bit better in lowlight than my Oneplus One. I have pretty low budget so let's just hope the best for this buy. :)</p>
<p>I later ran through a befautiful forest in a valley with a nice and bigger stream, even the stream was magicly silent and ... wow it was all so lovely, at the end i had to climb mountains again and have seen a confused/curious deer which was watching me, actually like 200 meters away, wew this was a nice experience!</p>
<p>With the fading sun, i was felt less exhausted and the air felt rather invigorating as it wasn't that horrible warm anymore, i still didn't manage it to get some hydration pack, i burned all my money on the Oneplus Two for now anyways, haha - but hey, i found the sun very very stunning! Like in each fifteen minute cycle, i wanted to have my actual camera with me, as it just looked so pretty amazing, here are some impressions my smartphone was able to caputure (and i as always tried to recover in <a target="_blank" href="/exit?">Darktable</a>):</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/22418/horizon2.jpg" alt="IMG_20180421_200239.jpg" /></p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/22418/horizon3.jpg" alt="IMG_20180421_200711.jpg" /></p>
<p>I further had luck, the farmers where spraying their poison out this day again but the air was just fine, very nice, it was different on the run before where it was partly hard to breath.</p>
<p>When i shot the first photo, i got grazed knees, the roof of this box had some tar...thing...on it but i actually realized it when i was back home, i shot that photo at six or eight kilometers haha.<br />
<a href="/@israuor">@israuor</a> always calls running &quot;playing outside&quot; but i got prove of this playing, ha!<br />
Oh and also this was on a second street i wanted to see since years, and it was beeeaaauuutiful there, with lots of trees and a huge hillside!</p>
<p>At the end, the last big mountain to climb, i did a short break, i was hungry and my legs hurt, i shaked them a little and ... wow i crossed this one unexpectedly quick! Somehow my energy returned and i ran the two last kilometers without issues.</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/22418/statssummary.png" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-22 15-39-00.png" /></p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/22418/stats.png" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-22 15-39-11.png" /><br />
See this bigger gap at around one hour? I met the father of a good friend there after a long long while!</p>
title: "Import Footage into Resolve Free on Linux"
date: 2018-04-23T20:12:00+00:00
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- Resolve
- Filmmaking
- Creating
- Linux
<p>When you made it to a starting Resolve installation on your Linux system and you don't actually use the Studio version, you may realize quickly that Resolve is unable to import your Video footage.</p>
<p>This is (as far as i read) because licensing issues so only the Studio version can handle H.264 and AAC on Linux, so you may quickly run into the following issues:</p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/23418/mediaoffline.jpg" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-16 18-00-36.jpg" /><br />
<em>MTS files from a Sony RX100II, not even imported but already listed as &quot;offline&quot;.</em></p>
<p><img src="/img/posts/23418/notrecognized.png" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-18 19-44-35.png" /><br />
<em>MP4 from a Canon 750D, shown as audio file but not even with audio working</em></p>
<p>Okey it seems like there is only one (or two) solutions, you can use a tool like WinFF but i will show you one-line terminal commands to use.</p>
<p>For Intel based Systems:</p>
<pre><code>cd /path/to/folder/with/footage
for f in *.MTS;do ffmpeg -i &quot;$f&quot; &quot;${f%mts}.wav&quot;;ffmpeg -i &quot;$f&quot; -i &quot;${f%mts}.wav&quot; -c:v dnxhd -profile:v dnxhr_hq -acodec pcm_s16le &quot;${f%mts}.mov&quot; ;done
# MP4
for f in *.MP4;do ffmpeg -i &quot;$f&quot; &quot;${f%mp4}.wav&quot;;ffmpeg -i &quot;$f&quot; -i &quot;${f%mp4}.wav&quot; -c:v dnxhd -profile:v dnxhr_hq -acodec pcm_s16le &quot;${f%mp4}.mov&quot; ;done
<p>For AMD based Systems:</p>
<pre><code>cd /path/to/folder/with/footage
for f in *.MTS;do ffmpeg -i &quot;$f&quot; &quot;${f%mts}.wav&quot;;ffmpeg -i &quot;$f&quot; -i &quot;${f%mts}.wav&quot; -c:v prores -profile:v 3 -acodec pcm_s16le &quot;${f%mts}.mov&quot; ;done
# MP4
for f in *.MP4;do ffmpeg -i &quot;$f&quot; &quot;${f%mp4}.wav&quot;;ffmpeg -i &quot;$f&quot; -i &quot;${f%mp4}.wav&quot; -c:v prores -profile:v 3 -acodec pcm_s16le &quot;${f%mp4}.mov&quot; ;done
<p>Notice that you can vary quality with the <code>-profile:v N</code> flag:</p>
<h6>Quote from</h6>
<p>There are 4 profiles that exist within Prores: Proxy, LT, SQ and HQ (and then optionally 4444). In ffmpeg these profiles are assigned numbers (0 is Proxy and 3 is HQ). [...] For quick reference, the basic difference is the bitrates: (TODO).</p>
<p><a target="_blank" href="/exit?">find out more...</a></p>
<p>So what we do here is extracting the audio source from the footage and then convert the source footage with the wav audio source to a new file in the dnxhr_hq/prores format.<br />
The reason why we have two formats for two systems is mainly because AMD processors don't work that nice with dnxhr_hq - Resolve would die as soon as you try to import the file on a system based on AMD. Also it takes less CPU time and memory when using prores for AMD (i only tested this with AMD but dnxhr_hq was initially <a target="_blank" href="/exit?">recommended to me</a>).</p>
<p>Okey, the good news is: you now can use your footage without issue.<br />
The bad news is: these fileformats are way bigger than the original files.<img src="/img/posts/23418/convert.png" alt="Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-04-19 10-48-34.png" /><br />
But you can alter that as mentioned above.<br /> keep this in mind before trying out this workaround. ;)</p>
<p>Okey, i hope this HowTo helped someone.<br />
The formats we're using here are actually pretty common in professional video production, however it's still not a big benefit but a big storage use when coming from the regular mts or mp4 files.</p>
title: "First morning run after a while!"
date: 2018-04-27T17:37:00+00:00
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- Running
<p><img src="/img/posts/27418/header.jpg" alt="IMG_20180427_072437-01_02.jpg" /></p>
<p>My first morning run was when i haven't even done my first 10k as far as i remember but this changed quite soon again, i guess because days became shorter and i am overall not the kind of guy who uses to stand up early, i normally be awake until or a bit after midnight.</p>
<p>However i had to realize that even now where days become longer, it's terribly hard to find the time for running in the evening.<br />
With this and general attempts to optimize and organize myself, i will now try to change my sleeping cycle to get up when sun get's up ... and of course i need to go to bed earlier now, however i am usually exhausted in the evening, cannot really focus and often just end up watching YouTube videos, so it's not the big of the deal.<br />
Last time i got up early i finally found time and focus to finish most of the redesign of my <a target="_blank" href="/exit?">Illuna Minetest website</a>, i promise myself alot from this change.</p>
<p>So today i woke up 5:10am, i normally wake up 8-9am.<br />
My alarm was set to 7:11am, actually but i wanted to wake up with the sun, sunrise was... 5:02am, i guess? So this worked! :D</p>
<p>I got me some water, a slice of bread and ... got ready for the run, i finally started my run 6:48am.<br />
The start and overall times where way better than expected, i felt a bit unbalanced but always tended to quite some speed and short steps. No personal records but on this route i think i performed better than usual.</p>
<p>Very confusing at the beginning where the exhaustion parts like after mountains, i felt like all energy was pulled out of me and i felt ... weird ... later i realized that it's just a different feeling because i was still a bit sleepy but it was the normal exhaustion - i am happy that i didn't shorten the route where i had the chance.</p>
<p>Overall a nice run on a beautiful morning, the planes are trailing today and the sky became whiter and whiter, interestingly enough, the sunlight was bright-white too, maybe i should consider sunglasses hmm.</p>
<p>Also i had luck because i ran before the farmers began to sprayed their poison.. seriously, like a half hour later they started this crap again.</p>
<h4>However, here are some stats:</h4>
<p><img src="/img/posts/27418/statssummary.jpg" alt="run1.JPG" /><br />
<img src="/img/posts/27418/stats.jpg" alt="run2.JPG" /></p>