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title: "Convert DMG to ISO using this tool!"
date: 2018-07-21T16:18:00+00:00
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- macOS
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If you plan to create an USB stick for your Macintosh or Hackintosh from something that is not macOS, you will get a tool
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called TransMac recommended by most tutorials. But honestly, it is no fun as it has a long counter running at startup when not activated, further it is actually a trial version and a license costs a ton of money.
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Instead, i found something else, it's a little Java tool called [DMGExtractor](http://www.catacombae.org/dmgextractor/), which is not only free,
it is even OpenSource software.
Even tho it is quite old, it works perfectly fine.

With just a few steps it will convert your DMG to an ISO file which you then can smash to your USB using [Rufus](https://rufus.akeo.ie) for example (when on Windows).