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title: "Low-Energy (hungry) Anti-Anger-Run into the Night"
date: 2018-04-06T22:28:00+00:00
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- Running
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<p>Today i couldn't hold myself anymore - a good week without running,<br />
incredible whaaa!<br />
So yea as soon as i had the time free (honestly a bit late as it was like 40 minutes until sunset) we went for a run. Finally.</p>
<p>Why did i say &quot;late&quot;?<br />
Because i originally wanted to increase my route from before to like 25k from 19k and i just *hate* running in the night.<br />
So this time i decided to run completly different, still loaded with a bunch of anger from the day, i ran right instead of left as (at least keeping) the original route would require.<br />
Soon (after like 4k) i slowly realized that i had much anger but almost no energy, omg, to be honest, i already felt a bit hungry right before the run, i clearly didn't eat enough - or well enough today...but i had already route ... or a sketch of a route in mind i wanted to orient on - i wouldn't accept running less that 10k. Never.<br />
In the meantime i realized something else too - the sun was like half the way above the ground than it was when i started ... of boy, gotta hurry ... but can't ... ugh.<br />
On the upside, two positive things happened:</p>
<li>a smoking girl was walking in front of me in one village, put down her cigarette after noticing me - i mean, could be that she was finish with it anyway but how cool would it be when a runner motivates a smoker to turn out the cigarette?!</li>
<li>i crossed a village where a friend is from time to time, luckily he wasn't there (called him actually xD) because it would be hard not to stop by and make the watch stopping the run, haha.</li>
<p>So yea...it was hard...i ran 19k before without issues but this time i am happy that i actually made it home, food can make a huge difference, yo.</p>
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