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<h3 class=center>Hey there!</h3>
<img class="preview avatar center" src=/img/avatar.jpg>
<h3 class=center>Hey there!</h3>
#### I am Milan,
while exploring new ways to express myself, i decided to get into blogging a while ago.
I originally startet at Steemit but became frustrated because i cannot really sort my posts and have no clue about their repurtation as there is no viewcounter,
......@@ -29,8 +29,9 @@ I hope being able to make this a habit and get better over time.
* discover new issues with my Smartphone or PC
* watch YouTube videos
*Update 19. Aug:<br>
I found a topic for videos on a regular basis, check out the link above. :)*
#### I will be Milan,
as of right now i plan to make video and audio creation a habit too.
At least the video part is a big goal of mine, yes, this means i want to YouTube around in the future.
I linked my english channel above but my most recent video was on my german channel,
however it is yet very challenging for me to decide which language i want to use and it's actually holding me back.
i create videos and music on a regular basis.<br>
This is actually a big deal for me, it is kinda the next chapter.
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