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title: "Fix Missing Gnome Theme in Ubuntu Apps"
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type: "article"
date: 2018-12-25T12:05:28+01:00
tags: ["Linux"]
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description: "Some apps are falling back to the default theme? This is how to fix it!"
<img src=/img/posts/251218/header.jpg>
If you run <a href=// target=_blank>Ubuntu</a> or a different distribution that uses <a href=// target=_blank>Snap</a> packages, you may have some apps even preinstalled as Snap packages (i did not use the Softwarecenter like at all but had `gnome-calculator` and `gnome-system-monitor` as this kind of packages).
There is a [known issue](// with this kind of packages where the GTK-theme is not applied correctly. In this case you may replace your packages, here is what i did:
snap remove gnome-calculator gnome-system-monitor;
sleep 1;
apt install gnome-system-monitor gnome-calculator
...and everything is fine again.
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