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title: "Quiet AMD Card on Linux"
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date: 2018-12-25T13:03:47+01:00
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description: "Make your AMD graphicscard in Linux quiet again!"
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After i replaced my GTX1060 from Zotac which can turn off the fans by itself with an MSI RX570, i was quite frustrated by the noisy fans, especially in Linux and macOS.
It took me a while to finally do some research on it, luckily it was worth doing so as i found [this Reddit-thread](// where a [project called "amdgpu-fancontrol"](// was suggested.
I installed it and for now just use the default settings which seem to be very good already. My computer is finally silent again and the temperatures are fine too, you should have a look on it as well if your AMD graphicscard is loud and annoying.
#### Here is how to install it:
##### ArchLinux
The project already comes with a [PKGBUILD](//, you should be able to run something like `makepkg -si`. This should compile and install the package, alternatively run `sudo pacman -U amdgpu-fancontrol.pkg.tar.gz` to install it.
##### Everything Else
The parts belong in the following locations:
amdgpu-fancontrol.service -> /etc/systemd/system/
amdgpu-fancontrol -> /usr/bin/ # if you choose something else,
# don't forget to adjust the service file
etc-amdgpu-fancontrol.cfg -> /etc/
A good idea might be to create symlinks so it's easier to update it later.
`ln -s $pwd/amdgpu-fancontrol.service /etc/systemd/system/` and so on.
Now just enable and start the service
systemctl enable amdgpu-fancontrol
systemctl start amdgpu-fancontrol
# verify that it started without errors
systemctl status amdgpu-fancontrol
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