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title: "The Right OpenCL Choice for Resolve on Linux"
date: 2018-08-19T22:13:57+02:00
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- Resolve
- Linux
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If you are stuck with a Segfault error with your Resolve Installation on Linux,
this post may be for you.
## The Problem
A popular error, people on Linux have with Resolve is a Segfault,
with a CrashLog that looks like this:
/usr/lib/ [0x7fbff1bea3c0]
/usr/lib/ [0x7fbff00e1d7f]
/usr/lib/ [0x7fbff00cc672]
/opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ [0x7fc009b6a39c]
/opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ [0x7fc009b6a4c6]
/opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ [0x7fc009b83036]
/opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ [0x7fc009b833a1]
/opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ [0x7fc009b838f7]
Signal Number = 6
...which happens usually right after the Resolve Intro was finished without problems.
## The very simple Solution
Of course, i can only speak for me here but i was already close to give up as many i read from in the internet.
You possibly lack any, or the fitting opencl package for your system.
In my case, with the ThinkPad T440, which comes with a Haswell architecture,
i tried to use `opencl-mesa` first which leaded to upon crash.
Later, i figured that this is actually wrong and that i'd need a package called `beignet`.
**After removing the wrong package,** Resolve started just fine.
I write this one bold because it did not work with both packages installed.
Maybe you need a different package too for your system,
check out [this ArchWiki page]( for more informations.
**Note that the package names may differ on your distro.**
If there are no neat tutorials with dependencies for your system,
i'd recommend you to use [the PKGBUILD of Resolve in the AUR]( so you can see what you gotta find and install in order to get it up and running.
### Good Luck!
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- Resolve
- Filmmaking
- Creating
- Linux
<p>When you made it to a starting Resolve installation on your Linux system and you don't actually use the Studio version, you may realize quickly that Resolve is unable to import your Video footage.</p>
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