Allow to receive reshares without root

closes #7590
parent 163ffdb1
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
class Reshare < Post
belongs_to :root, class_name: "Post", foreign_key: :root_guid, primary_key: :guid, optional: true
validate :root_must_be_public
validates_presence_of :root, :on => :create
validates :root, presence: true, on: :create, if: proc {|reshare| }
validates :root_guid, uniqueness: {scope: :author_id}, allow_nil: true
delegate :author, to: :root, prefix: true
......@@ -4,11 +4,16 @@ describe Reshare, type: :model do
context "validation" do
it "requires root" do
reshare =, root: nil)
it "requires root when the author is local" do
reshare =, root: nil, author: alice.person)
expect(reshare).not_to be_valid
it "doesn't require root when the author is remote" do
reshare =, root: nil, author: remote_raphael)
expect(reshare).to be_valid
it "require public root" do
reshare =, root: FactoryGirl.create(:status_message, public: false))
expect(reshare).not_to be_valid
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