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pulled in all of max's changes from yesterday to 187

parent 0ef22145
......@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ gem 'roxml', :git => "git://"
#mai crazy async stuff
gem 'em-synchrony', :git => 'git://', :require => 'em-synchrony/em-http'
#gem 'em-synchrony', :git => 'git://', :require => 'em-synchrony/em-http'
gem 'em-http-request',:git => 'git://', :require => 'em-http'
gem 'rack-fiber_pool', :require => 'rack/fiber_pool'
#gem 'rack-fiber_pool', :require => 'rack/fiber_pool'
gem 'addressable', :require => "addressable/uri"
gem 'em-websocket'
gem 'thin'
class Post
require_relative '../../lib/common'
require 'lib/common'
include ApplicationHelper
# XML accessors must always preceed mongo field tags
# This file is used by Rack-based servers to start the application.
require ::File.expand_path('../config/environment', __FILE__)
use Rack::FiberPool
#use Rack::FiberPool
run Diaspora::Application
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