Commit 08aaccbd authored by maxwell's avatar maxwell

Revert "--amend"

This reverts commit 76508705.
parent 173ec5f7
-# Copyright (c) 2010, Diaspora Inc. This file is
-# licensed under the Affero General Public License version 3 or later. See
-# the COPYRIGHT file.
= t('.manage_within')
%h3= t('.existing')
= render 'shared/contact_list', :aspect => aspect, :contacts => @contacts, :manage => defined?(manage)
%h3= t('aspects.manage.add_a_new_contact')
= form_tag(person_by_handle_path, :id => "new_request_to_#{}", :class => "webfinger_form", :remote => true) do
%i= t '.your_diaspora_username_is', :diaspora_handle => current_user.diaspora_handle
= label_tag :diaspora_handle, t('.contact_username'), :for => "request_d_handle_to_#{}"
= text_field_tag :diaspora_handle,'', :id => "request_d_handle_to_#{}"
= hidden_field_tag :aspect_id,
- if defined?(getting_started)
= hidden_field_tag :getting_started, getting_started
- if defined?(manage)
= hidden_field_tag :manage, true
= submit_tag t('.create_request')
.spinner.hidden= image_tag 'ajax-loader.gif'
%ul{:class => 'webfinger_result stream', :aspect_id =>}
= link_to t('.know_email'), "#invite_user_pane", :class => "invite_user_button"
.yo{ :style => "display:none;"}
= render "invitations/new"
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