Commit 1b70f6fe authored by Jonne Haß's avatar Jonne Haß

Replace .rvmrc by .ruby-version

Also relax the requirement. The .ruby-version represents
merely a recomendation for the Ruby version. The incompability
issues in the Ruby world are far less currently, than they were
when we introduced strict version enforcement. Thus strict
enforcement is no longer appropiate. Same holds for RubyGems.

This implicity also removes the recomendation on using RVM.
The .ruby-version file is supported by all major Ruby version
managers. Gemsets are no longer a needed feature since Bundler
handles multiple concurrrently installed Gems just well.
parent ab15bad5
rvm rvmrc warning ignore
. ./script/env/ruby_env
if [ -e '.rvmrc.local' ]; then
. ./.rvmrc.local;
elif [ -e '.rvmrc_custom' ] ; then
. ./.rvmrc_custom;
if rvm list strings | grep -q "$ruby_version" ; then
rvm --create use "$ruby_version@$gemset"
printf "\e[00;31mPLEASE INSTALL RUBY $ruby_version WITH \`rvm install $ruby_version\`\n"
printf "Don't forget to run \`cd .. && cd -\` afterwards!\e[00m\n"
return 1
. ./script/env/ensure_right_rubygems
......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
* Port publisher and bookmarklet to Bootstrap [#4678](
* Improve search page, add better indications [#4794](
* Port notifications and hovercards to Bootstrap [#4814](
* Replace .rvmrc by .ruby-version and .ruby-gemset [#4854](
## Bug fixes
* Improve time agos by updating the plugin [#4280](
......@@ -2,8 +2,3 @@
# Travis CI still includes 1.2.x by default
gem install bundler --version '>= 1.3.4'
# Ensure known RubyGems version
envdir="$(readlink -e $(dirname $0))/../env"
. "$envdir/ruby_env"
. "$envdir/ensure_right_rubygems"
if [ "$(gem --version)" != "$rubygems_version" ]; then
rvm rubygems "$rubygems_version"
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