Commit 29532e6d authored by Jonne Hass's avatar Jonne Hass

do not specify defaults in .travis.yml but do specify non-defaults. Also restructed it a bit

parent 292b1e74
bundler_args: "--without development production" branches:
- 'master'
rvm: rvm:
- 1.8.7 - 1.8.7
- ree - ree
- 1.9.2 - 1.9.2
before_script: "./config/ci/"
script: "bundle exec rake travis"
env: env:
- DB=postgres - DB=postgres
- DB=mysql - DB=mysql
only: bundler_args: "--without development production"
- master before_script: "./config/ci/"
script: "bundle exec rake travis"
notifications: notifications:
on_success: change
on_failure: all
irc: irc:
on_success: all on_success: all
on_failure: all on_failure: all
channels: channels:
- '' - ''
- '' - ''
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