Commit 3273028e authored by MatrixCrawler's avatar MatrixCrawler Committed by Jonne Haß

Fix atom feed for reshares of deleted posts.

Propose for fix #4638

Added Changelog line

Added Specs for testing if the reshared origin post is deleted and therefore not shown in the atom feed
parent 65d79614
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
* Fix active user statistics by saving a last seen timestamp for users [#4734](
* Render HTML in atom user feed [#4835](
* Fix plaintext mode of Mentionable [#4294](
* Fixed Atom Feed Error if reshared Post is deleted [#4638] (
## Features
* You can report a single post by clicking the correct icon in the controler section [#4517](
......@@ -26,9 +26,8 @@ atom_feed({'xmlns:thr' => '',
author.tag! 'poco:displayName',
@posts.each do |post|
post = post.absolute_root if post.is_a? Reshare
post = post.absolute_root unless post.absolute_root.nil? if post.is_a? Reshare
feed.entry post, :url => "#{@user.url}p/#{}",
:id => "#{@user.url}p/#{}" do |entry|
......@@ -53,13 +53,21 @@ describe UsersController do
get :public, :username => @user.username, :format => :atom
response.body.should include('a href')
it 'includes reshares in the atom feed' do
reshare = FactoryGirl.create(:reshare, :author => @user.person)
get :public, :username => @user.username, :format => :atom
response.body.should include reshare.root.raw_message
it 'do not show reshares in atom feed if origin post is deleted' do
post = FactoryGirl.create(:status_message, :public => true);
reshare = FactoryGirl.create(:reshare, :root => post, :author => @user.person)
get :public, :username => @user.username, :format => :atom
response.code.should == '200'
it 'redirects to a profile page if html is requested' do
get :public, :username => @user.username
response.should be_redirect
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