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You are welcome to contribute, add to and extend Diaspora however you see fit. We
will do our best to incorporate everything that meets our guidelines.
Please make your changes on a topic branch in your repo and submit your pull request
from there, so that commits you don't want to submit aren't included.
You can find an introduction to the source code [here](
Make a topic branch. By making your changes in a topic branch, you ensure that new commits to your master are not included in the pull request, and it's easier for us to merge your commits.
Please do not rebase our tree into yours.
See [here](
for when to rebase.
All commits must be tested, and all your tests should be green
Patches must be tested, and all your tests should be green
before a pull request is sent. Please write your tests in Rspec.
GEMS: We would like to keep external dependencies unduplicated. We're using
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