Commit d1a5e627 authored by Jonne Hass's avatar Jonne Hass

export DB in script/server

parent 5e7ec82f
# Choose database. Currently supported: mysql, postgres
db: "mysql"
# Enable thin as application server
enable_thin: true
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ OS=`uname -s`
export RAILS_ENV=$(./script/get_config.rb rails_env script_server)
export DB=$(.script/get_config.rb db script_server)
THIN_PORT=$(./script/get_config.rb thin_port script_server)
eval "DEFAULT_THIN_ARGS=\"$(./script/get_config.rb default_thin_args script_server)\""
SOCKET_PORT=$(./script/get_config.rb socket_port $RAILS_ENV)
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