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      Fix: Failing 'Signs Up'-Feature Tests · 070ef782
      Finn Woelm authored
      Up to now, scripts were loaded prior to the stylesheet in <head>. When
      scripts are loaded before stylesheets, it is possible that scripts
      execute on the DOM elements before styles are fully loaded. This can
      yield unexpected results.
      In the case of the features/desktop/signs_up.feature tests, it would
      happen every so often that the scripts ran before styles were loaded.
      For example, the app.views.Publisher class (responsible for actions
      related to creating a new post) relies on the poll element being either
      hidden (or poll options being defined). As per stylesheet, the poll is
      hidden by default. But when the scripts run before the stylesheet has
      loaded, the poll appears visible to the script and post submission is
      This is fixed by loading stylesheets prior to scripts. See SO for more
      info: https://stackoverflow.com/a/1324720/6451879