1. 13 Nov, 2014 1 commit
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      Bye Resque. Ohai Sidekiq. · 79a79d65
      Jonne Haß authored
      * Dropped all references to Resque
      * Moved all jobs under app/workers since that's the Sidekiq convention
      * Renamed Jobs module to Worker to match new location
      * Adapted all jobs to Sidekiq
      * Replaced all enqueue calls with perform_async
      * Dropped Resque hacks from specs and features, replaced with
        sidekig/testing in RSpec and sidekig/testing/inline in Cucumber
      * Updated scripts to start a Sidekiq server
      * Inline Sidekiq sinatra app
      * Let Sidekiq create the actual Redis instance
      * Workaround already initialized constant warnings in service models
      * Resolved ToDo in one job definition by creating proper exception clases
        for some errors in receiving posts
      * Added sidekiq section to configuration to make it completly
        configurable to the user
      * Add Sidekiq middleware for clean backtraces
      * Delay HttpMulti retry to give offline pods a chance to come back up
      * Do not retry on GUID already taken and alike errors
      * Be graceful about deleted posts in GatherOEmbedData
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