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    Bye opengraph_parser, hi open_graph_reader · 74a6f425
    Jonne Haß authored
    opengraph_parser is basically unmainted, issues are ignored
    or deliberately closed without fixing. It pollutes the global
    namespace and has no verification of correctness.
    The opengraph gem has basically the same issues, not really maintained,
    unreleased patches on master since over a year, not really smart either.
    So I created my own version and while at it, why not strive try to be
    complete and robust, although it's still a work in progress.
    This also improves general URL detection by parsing them
    from the message after stripping markdown.
    An additional dependency was added to support
    fetching sites that require cookies to work at all.
    For the same reason Faraday's default redirect limit was
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