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    6840 : meta tags update (#6998) · bcace2de
    Denis Hovart authored
    * Adds a new metadata helper and methods to PostPresenter to have metas on post pages.
    * Adds tests to post controller to check correctness of metas
    * Add methods to PersonPresenter to have metas on profile pages
    * Correct meta data helper test
    * Update PersonPresenter, add test to PeopleController
    * Creates TagPresenter. Display tag metas on tag index page
    * Updata meta data helper spec
    * Not displaying bio as the description meta on profile page for now. Privacy concerns to be cleared.
    * Set meta info as hashes in presenters
    * Move original hardcoded metas info to config/defaults.yml
    * metas_tags include by default the general metas, update views
    * Update code style, clean views
    * Renames TagPresenter StreamTagPresenter, updates TagController spec
    * Add a default_metas entry to diaspora.yml.example
    * Align metas hash in presenters, refactor meta data helper
    * Use bio as description meta if user has a public profile
    * Rename StreamTagPresenter to TagStreamPresenter
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