Commit 1eea0348 authored by flaburgan's avatar flaburgan

Add a test

parent 9a279833
......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ If so, please delete it since it will prevent the federation from working proper
* Render mentions as links in comments [#7327](
* Add support for mentions in comments to the front-end [#7386](
* Support direct links to comments on mobile [#7508](
* Add inviter first and last name in the invitation e-mail [#7484](
......@@ -44,9 +44,9 @@ class Notifier < ActionMailer::Base
@invitation_code = invitation_code
I18n.with_locale(locale) do
mail_opts = {:to => email, :from => AppConfig.mail.sender_address,
:subject => I18n.t('notifier.invited_you', :name =>,
:host =>}
mail_opts = {to: email, from: "\"#{AppConfig.settings.pod_name}\" <#{AppConfig.mail.sender_address}>",
subject: I18n.t("notifier.invited_you", name:,
mail(mail_opts) do |format|
format.text { render :layout => nil }
......@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ Feature: Invitations
And I press "Send an invitation"
Then I should see a flash message indicating success
And I should have 1 Devise email delivery
And I should see "You have been invited to join diaspora* by Alice Smith" in the last sent email
And I should not see "change your notification settings" in the last sent email
Scenario: sends an invitation from the people search page
......@@ -168,10 +168,14 @@ Then /^I should have (\d+) email delivery$/ do |n|
ActionMailer::Base.deliveries.length.should == n.to_i
Then /^I should not see "([^\"]*)" in the last sent email$/ do |text|
Then /^I should( not)? see "([^\"]*)" in the last sent email$/ do |negate, text|
email_text = Devise.mailer.deliveries.first.body.to_s
email_text = Devise.mailer.deliveries.first.html_part.body.raw_source if email_text.blank?
email_text.should_not match(text)
if negate
expect(email_text).to_not have_content(text)
expect(email_text).to have_content(text)
When /^"([^\"]+)" has posted a (public )?status message with a photo$/ do |email, public_status|
......@@ -501,6 +501,37 @@ describe Notifier, type: :mailer do
describe ".invite" do
let(:email) { Notifier.invite(, nil, bob, "1234", "en") }
it "goes to the right person" do
expect( eq([])
it "FROM: header should be the pod name + default sender address" do
expect(email["From"].to_s).to eq("#{pod_name} <#{AppConfig.mail.sender_address}>")
it "has the correct subject" do
expect(email.subject).to eq(I18n.translate("notifier.invited_you", name:
it "has the inviter name in the body" do
expect(email.body.encoded).to include("#{} (#{bob.diaspora_handle})")
it "has the inviter id if the name is nil" do
bob.person.profile.update_attributes(first_name: "", last_name: "")
mail = Notifier.invite(, nil, bob, "1234", "en")
expect(email.body.encoded).to_not include("#{} (#{bob.diaspora_handle})")
expect(mail.body.encoded).to include(bob.person.diaspora_handle)
it "has the invitation code in the body" do
expect(email.body.encoded).to include("/i/1234")
describe ".csrf_token_fail" do
let(:email) { Notifier.send_notification("csrf_token_fail", }
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