Commit 352d732a authored by Dennis Schubert's avatar Dennis Schubert
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Disable fetching of root posts for relayables

since that could allow fetching spoofed/altered posts
thanks @supertux88
parent 6270e222
This security release disables post fetching for relayables. Due to an insecure implementation, fetching of root posts for relayables could allow an attacker to distribute malicious/spoofed/modified posts for any person.
Disabling the fetching will make the current federation a bit less reliable, but for a hotfix, this is the best solution. We will re-enable the fetching in when we moved out the federation into its own library and are able to implement further validation during fetches.
## Refactor
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ module Federated
def fetch_parent guid
Diaspora::Fetcher::Single.find_or_fetch_from_remote guid, diaspora_handle
raise Diaspora::PostNotFetchable
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