Commit b9db891f authored by Steffen van Bergerem's avatar Steffen van Bergerem

Merge pull request #6283 from AugierLe42e/clean-images

Suppress useless images
parents b7864a99 5087f47e
......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ With the port to Bootstrap 3, app/views/terms/default.haml has a new structure.
* Refactor publisher backbone view [#6228](
* Replace MBP.autogrow with autosize on mobile [#6261](
* Improve mobile drawer transition [#6233](
* Remove unused header icons and an unused favicon [#6283](
## Bug fixes
* Destroy Participation when removing interactions with a post [#5852](
/* ===== sprites ===== */
@import 'icons/*.png';
@import 'branding/logos/*.png';
@import 'social_media_logos/*.png';
@include all-icons-sprites;
@include all-logos-sprites;
@include all-social_media_logos-sprites;
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