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Bump i3 from `7e0feef` to `56cb236`

Dependabot requested to merge dependabot/submodules/i3-56cb236 into master

Bumps i3 from 7e0feef to 56cb236.

  • 56cb236 Fix again
  • 8525633 Improve groups caching
  • cb1dce6 Some last fix
  • 2db1e88 Minor cleanup
  • 354561d Finish animation for group buttons (yay)
  • 8e45f30 Some fix to previous commit
  • a660526 Animated image buttons for groups (needs polish)
  • e17e108 Remove some unessecerary [resize
  • f0f9401 Cache groups (testing needed)
  • cf5f18e Register creative priv in case MTG is not installed
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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