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Bump mesecons from `4c5b13a` to `fef5c8c`

Dependabot requested to merge dependabot/submodules/mesecons-fef5c8c into master

Bumps mesecons from 4c5b13a to fef5c8c.

  • fef5c8c Resolve license information inconsistency
  • f6b0de6 Update list of MVPS stoppers
  • 1d30891 Move default dependency to individual mods that need it
  • 4dfadd9 Fix luacheck warning
  • 3c27bb9 Fix VM light update issue (#590)
  • fb255d2 Add .luacheckrc and fix issues it pointed out (#589)
  • c9dd323 Remove redundant on_placenode calls after movement (#586)
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