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Bump pg from 0.21.0 to 1.3.2

Dependabot requested to merge dependabot/bundler/pg-1.3.2 into master

Bumps pg from 0.21.0 to 1.3.2.


Sourced from pg's changelog.

== v1.3.2 [2022-02-14] Lars Kanis


  • Cancel only active query after failing transaction. #430 This avoids an incompatibility with pgbouncer since pg-1.3.0.
  • Fix String objects with non-applied encoding when using COPY or record decoders. #427
  • Update Windows fat binary gem to PostgreSQL-14.2.


  • Improve extconf.rb checks to reduces the number of compiler calls.
  • Add a check for PGRES_PIPELINE_SYNC, to make sure the library version and the header files are PostgreSQL-14+. #429

== v1.3.1 [2022-02-01] Michael Granger


  • Fix wrong handling of socket writability on Windows introduced in #417. This caused starvation in conn.put_copy_data.
  • Fix error in PG.version_string(true). #419
  • Fix a regression in pg 1.3.0 where Ruby 2.x busy-looping any fractional seconds for every wait. #420


  • Raise an error when conn.copy_data is used in nonblocking mode.

== v1.3.0 [2022-01-20] Michael Granger

Install Enhancements:

  • Print some install help if libpq wasn't found. #396 This should help to pick the necessary package without googling.
  • Update Windows fat binary gem to OpenSSL-1.1.1m and PostgreSQL-14.1.
  • Add binary Windows gems for Ruby 3.0 and 3.1.
  • Make the library path of libpq available in ruby as PG::POSTGRESQL_LIB_PATH and add it to the search paths on Windows similar to +rpath+ on Unix systems. #373
  • Fall back to pkg-config if pg_config is not found. #380
  • Add option to extconf.rb to disable nogvl-wrapping of libpq functions. All methods (except are nonblocking now, so that GVL unlock is in theory no longer necessary. However it can have some advantage in concurrency, so that GVL unlock is still enabled by default. Use:
    • gem inst pg -- --disable-gvl-unlock

API Enhancements:

  • Add full compatibility to Fiber.scheduler introduced in Ruby-3.0. #397
    • Add async_connect and async_send methods and add specific specs for Fiber.scheduler #342
    • Add async_get_result and async_get_last_result
    • Add async_get_copy_data
    • Implement async_put_copy_data/async_put_copy_end

... (truncated)

  • aae9eb2 Update my gem signing certificate to use a 3072 bit key
  • 55bbb04 Update pg-1.3.2 release notes
  • 06da07a Merge pull request #431 from larskanis/fix-430
  • 57260f5 Cancel only active query after failing transaction
  • a097643 Update VERSION to 1.3.2
  • f903686 Update History.rdoc for pg-1.3.2
  • be52846 Add my X.509 cert to be used for gem releases
  • c694a31 Merge branches 'update-postgres' and 'improve_extconf'
  • a80d786 Point the error_message tests on Windows to PostgreSQL-15
  • 6b534a3 Update to PostgreSQL-14.2
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