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Bump pg from 0.21.0 to 1.3.3

Dependabot requested to merge dependabot/bundler/pg-1.3.3 into master

Bumps pg from 0.21.0 to 1.3.3.


Sourced from pg's changelog.

== v1.3.3 [2022-02-22] Lars Kanis


  • Fix omission of the third digit of IPv4 addresses in connection URI. #435
  • Fix wrong permission of certs/larskanis-2022.pem in the pg-1.3.2.gem. #432

== v1.3.2 [2022-02-14] Lars Kanis


  • Cancel only active query after failing transaction. #430 This avoids an incompatibility with pgbouncer since pg-1.3.0.
  • Fix String objects with non-applied encoding when using COPY or record decoders. #427
  • Update Windows fat binary gem to PostgreSQL-14.2.


  • Improve extconf.rb checks to reduces the number of compiler calls.
  • Add a check for PGRES_PIPELINE_SYNC, to make sure the library version and the header files are PostgreSQL-14+. #429

== v1.3.1 [2022-02-01] Michael Granger


  • Fix wrong handling of socket writability on Windows introduced in #417. This caused starvation in conn.put_copy_data.
  • Fix error in PG.version_string(true). #419
  • Fix a regression in pg 1.3.0 where Ruby 2.x busy-looping any fractional seconds for every wait. #420


  • Raise an error when conn.copy_data is used in nonblocking mode.

== v1.3.0 [2022-01-20] Michael Granger

Install Enhancements:

  • Print some install help if libpq wasn't found. #396 This should help to pick the necessary package without googling.
  • Update Windows fat binary gem to OpenSSL-1.1.1m and PostgreSQL-14.1.
  • Add binary Windows gems for Ruby 3.0 and 3.1.
  • Make the library path of libpq available in ruby as PG::POSTGRESQL_LIB_PATH and add it to the search paths on Windows similar to +rpath+ on Unix systems. #373
  • Fall back to pkg-config if pg_config is not found. #380
  • Add option to extconf.rb to disable nogvl-wrapping of libpq functions. All methods (except are nonblocking now, so that GVL unlock is in theory no longer necessary. However it can have some advantage in concurrency, so that GVL unlock is still enabled by default. Use:

... (truncated)

  • 0d88a89 Bump VERSION to 1.3.3
  • e8db449 Avoid multiple downloads of postgresql and openssl sources
  • 82c67b8 Add pg-1.3.3 release notes
  • 940fd90 Avoid scheduler tests on Truffleruby
  • a9ad5eb Fix omission of the third digit of IPv4 addresses
  • 8502719 Merge pull request #434 from MSP-Greg/action-update
  • 8402da9 CI: use ruby/setup-ruby
  • a2aa591 Add note about address resolution in Ruby to History.rdoc
  • 1cfc50c Avoid invoking an intermediate shell for running pg_config
  • a2a2055 CI: Fix build on Windows-2022 on Github Actions
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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