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Bump pg from 1.3.4 to 1.4.1

Dependabot requested to merge dependabot/bundler/pg-1.4.1 into master

Bumps pg from 1.3.4 to 1.4.1.


Sourced from pg's changelog.

== v1.4.1 [2022-06-24] Lars Kanis


  • Fix another ruby-2.7 keyword warning. #465
  • Allow PG::Error to be created without arguments. #466

== v1.4.0 [2022-06-20] Lars Kanis


  • Add PG::Connection#hostaddr, present since PostgreSQL-12. #453
  • Add PG::Connection.conninfo_parse to wrap PQconninfoParse. #453


  • Try IPv6 and IPv4 addresses, if DNS resolves to both. #452
  • Re-add block-call semantics to accidently removed in pg-1.3.0. #454
  • Handle client error after all data consumed in #copy_data for output. #455
  • Avoid spurious keyword argument warning on Ruby 2.7. #456
  • Change connection setup to respect connect_timeout parameter. #459
  • Fix indefinite hang in case of connection error on Windows #458
  • Set connection attribute of PG::Error in various places where it was missing. #461
  • Fix transaction leak on early break/return. #463
  • Update Windows fat binary gem to OpenSSL-1.1.1o and PostgreSQL-14.4.


  • Don't flush at each put_copy_data call, but flush at get_result. #462

== v1.3.5 [2022-03-31] Lars Kanis


  • Handle PGRES_COMMAND_OK in pgresult_stream_any. #447 Fixes usage when trying to stream the result of a procedure call that returns no results.


  • Rename BasicTypeRegistry#define_default_types to #register_default_types to use a more consistent terminology. Keeping define_default_types for compatibility.
  • BasicTypeRegistry: return self instead of objects by accident. This allows call chaining.
  • Add some April fun. #449


  • Refine documentation of conn.socket_io and conn.connect_poll
  • 2525126 Bump VERSION to 1.4.1 and add release notes
  • 6fd03f5 Merge pull request #469 from larskanis/extend-stream-error
  • c03d7d1 Extend the error message of PG::InvalidChangeOfResultFields to tell the numbe...
  • 766c175 Merge pull request #467 from larskanis/fix_466
  • 154685b Allow PG::Error to be created without arguments
  • 5c29e28 Merge pull request #465 from jeremyevans/another-ruby27-keyword-warning
  • 6eac3d4 Fix another ruby 2.7 keyword warning
  • 63b4760 Update release date of pg-1.4.0
  • 3c14a30 Update to postgresql-14.4 and openssl 1.1.1o for Windows binaries
  • f5bb30d Merge pull request #464 from larskanis/bump-1.4.0
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