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Bump rails from 5.0.7 to 5.1.7

Milan requested to merge dependabot/bundler/rails-5.1.7 into master

Bumps rails from 5.0.7 to 5.1.7.

Release notes

Sourced from rails's releases.


Active Support

  • No changes.

Active Model

  • No changes.

Active Record

  • Fix touch option to behave consistently with Persistence#touch method.

    Ryuta Kamizono

  • Back port Rails 5.2 reverse_order Arel SQL literal fix.

    Matt Jones, Brooke Kuhlmann

  • becomes should clear the mutation tracker which is created in after_initialize.

    Fixes #32867.

    Ryuta Kamizono

Action View

  • Fix issue with button_to's to_form_params

    button_to was throwing exception when invoked with params hash that contains symbol and string keys. The reason for the exception was that to_form_params was comparing the given symbol and string keys.

    The issue is fixed by turning all keys to strings inside to_form_params before comparing them.

    Georgi Georgiev

Action Pack

  • No changes.

... (truncated)

  • 4f66945 Preparing for 5.1.7 release
  • ce0c4f3 Preparing for 5.1.7.rc1 release
  • 6e4906b Fix announce script
  • c850941 Fix release template
  • 98d0f7c Fix Gemfile.lock
  • 3dafcc1 Merge branch 'v5-1-6-2' into 5-1-stable
  • ec8697b Prep release
  • 92c025d Only accept formats from registered mime types
  • b4f39c4 Merge pull request #35560 from eileencodes/fix-5-1-stable-build
  • faa96dc Merge pull request #35299 from kamipo/fix_mismatched_foreign_key
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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