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Bump mods/hopper from `eb26adc` to `6ac1b61`

Milan requested to merge dependabot/submodules/mods/hopper-6ac1b61 into technicworld

Bumps mods/hopper from eb26adc to 6ac1b61.

  • 6ac1b61 bring in translations from
  • 6525e57 add i18n script, update translation files
  • 75e2bdb Update to minetest builtin’s translation api (#12)
  • 1ee79fb add pt, br-pt translations
  • 8246da4 update forum link
  • 0f3df80 update screenshot and documentation
  • 51b70fb Avoid hoppers to "repair" taken items (#10)
  • See full diff in compare view

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