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Bump mods/digilines from `434010b` to `f03cd02`

Milan requested to merge dependabot/submodules/mods/digilines-f03cd02 into technicworld

Bumps mods/digilines from 434010b to f03cd02.

  • f03cd02 Send messages from digiline chest when items are moved with tubelib (#73)
  • a055b50 Add craft recipes for RTC and Lightsensor (#71)
  • 660bd62 Optimize textures to avoid use_texture_alpha warnings (#70)
  • af4a699 Fix LuaCheck warning (#69)
  • ff525c0 Fix wires not connecting to nodes using digilines def (#68)
  • dc6cc0b [LuaCheck]: Various changes and improvements (#65)
  • ab2eb4a LCDs: Rework line breaking algorithm, include spaces, show unknown symbols as...
  • 021c521 Use mod.conf for dependencies and description (#59)
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