Bump mods/mg_villages from `8daaf09` to `69ac3f2`

Bumps mods/mg_villages from 8daaf09 to 69ac3f2.

  • 69ac3f2 pass pr on to grow_trees for mg mapgen
  • f5df0ed removed obsolete mg_villages.get_fruit_replacements (now done in handle_schem...
  • de99360 handle diffrent tree availability (if default:sapling is present, but no jung...
  • 4a20800 improved village optimal height detection
  • 5386197 take single houses into consideration even if there are already villages in t...
  • 50a7fe1 fix bug regarding single houses beeing ignored in some situations
  • 9f8d6d8 removed floating leaves from taverne_3.mts
  • 76d03fc fixed voxelmanip buffer optimization
  • 947b522 detect water level from mapgen
  • 3dfb639 moved village_area_fill_with_plants into extra file
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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