Bump mods/handle_schematics from `6356f40` to `0c5bfbe`

Bumps mods/handle_schematics from 6356f40 to 0c5bfbe.

  • 0c5bfbe added mapgen dependencies for MCL2 for right order
  • ff6acc2 handle water_source in mg mapgen
  • fb0b0ba removed obsolete mg_villages.get_fruit_replacements
  • dd3bc45 handle farming_plus fruits correctly
  • f8dbfe1 corrected sapling detection inside placed buildings
  • a0d5574 added some replacements for mineclone2
  • 8516fa9 apply global replacements in get_content_id_replaced
  • ba5b06f default material for replacement for roofs (that may be replaced) is straw
  • b983dfd added functions handle_schematics.replace_material and handle_schematics.appl...
  • e34c049 corrected replacements for mcl2 darkwood and fence gates
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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