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Bump mods/basic_materials from `78a9b38` to `cb71366`

Bumps mods/basic_materials from 78a9b38 to cb71366.

  • cb71366 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
  • 23cd94b add luacheck pipeline
  • e72665b Merge branch 'italian' into 'master'
  • c27117d Italian translation
  • 30ffac3 Merge branch 'de' into 'master'
  • 84a5f35 Fix German translation
  • a79dbde Merge branch 'groups' into 'master'
  • fb800f9 Add custom groups
  • c49b4f1 Add .luacheckrc
  • c539463 add minimum minetest version key for contentdb
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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