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Bump mods/we_undo from `4a33123` to `bc29e2e`

Milan requested to merge dependabot/submodules/mods/we_undo-bc29e2e into technicworld

Bumps mods/we_undo from 4a33123 to bc29e2e.

  • bc29e2e Fix metadata saving for the transforming commands
  • e1f7fd4 Partially support transpose, rotate and stretch
  • 0ee045d Add flip and orient and disable metadata saving for flip and luatransform sin...
  • cd10513 Remove duplicate code
  • f6197c0 Fix //y support with the new worldedit
  • 634c071 Remove the mod load time message since this is already implemented in Minetes...
  • 293308c Move common functions and support /luatransform
  • 23eb837 Support cube and hollowcube
  • a9af2cb Support mtschemplace and add luatransform on the todo list
  • See full diff in compare view

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