Bump mods/character_creator from `190ffb6` to `f8d6f90`

Bumps mods/character_creator from 190ffb6 to f8d6f90.

  • f8d6f90 do multiskin / 3d_armor initialization one globalstep later
  • c74041f Merge pull request #20 from ClockGen/master
  • a0843d1 Added 13 new skin parts
  • deddb2b Merge pull request #25 from Panquesito7/sfinv_support
  • 9ad24f2 Add SFINV support
  • 16fb906 Use skinsdb new preview generation (#23)
  • 2e521ee Fix new user initialization
  • ea52a6d Replace deprecated function calls & update mod.conf (#21)
  • 1fdfad0 add sfinv_buttons support (#19)
  • 8fba5d6 Add validity check for skin part switching
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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